“We’ve built Captina to do the real work of running your business, simply and efficiently.”

Captina Features

Trying to list Captina’s features is almost impossible, because so much of its power comes from the fact that it is a fully integrated and interwoven system.

So there’s no substitute for a demo (which we’re happy to provide – just ask!) but here’s a little taste…

  • Webstore and E-commerce
  • Marketing Wizard
  • SimpleCRM™
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Club Management & Allocations
  • Wholesale and Distribution
  • Shipping and Fulfillment
  • My Captina
  • Reporting
  • Continuous Upgrades
  • Coming soon…
  • Webstore and E-commerce
  • Captina makes it incredibly easy to deploy and manage a rich, customer-friendly webstore that presents your products in the perfect light.

    The basic engine is rock-solid, and allows you to customize the look-and-feel to match the rest of your website. And, since we host your website as well as your store (at no additional charge), your webstore will have the same address as the rest of your site — something that research shows is tremendously important to making your customers feel secure.

  • Catalog
  • Captina has a rich catalog system that accommodates a wide range of products, including food, wine, gift packs, and accessory items.

      The catalog is very flexible, allowing you to:

    • set up multiple pricing levels, associated with different types of customers
    • specify special shipping requirements
    • specify custom quantities (for example, a 3-bottle limit)
    • build in discounts based on quantity purchased
    • track inventory levels
    • create assemblies, such as cases or gift packages
    • attach downloadable tech sheets