Why Captina?


A note from the founder…

A solution born of necessity, then honed by experience

I started developing Captina over a decade ago not because I wanted to create another technology company, but out of sheer frustration.

I needed one system to run our growing specialty food and wine company, and there simply wasn’t anything available.

I knew it was possible, because I had both the in-the-trenches experience of actually running a small business, coupled with the technology background and skills to build something powerful (QuickBooks).

So I built what we needed, from scratch. And then built it again (and then again) to take advantage both of what we’ve learned over the years, as well as the new capabilities afforded by the Internet.

Captina is now in version 4. And there’s still nothing like it.

It doesn’t fit in any of the traditional “buckets” like e-commerce or wine club management or marketing, yet it’s all of those things – and a lot more. In fact, it does pretty much everything you need to do to run your business, with the exception of bookkeeping (which is generic) and production (which every business does differently).

It’s built from the owner’s perspective, so first and foremost it gives you visibility into your business like you’ve never had before.

In fact, maybe the best way to think about Captina is as an operating system for your business.

Of course, the technology piece is nothing without great support; if you’re running a business, you need help now, not tomorrow. We also know that you’re busy running your business, and don’t have the time, interest, or skills to be a tech guru too.

So, since great support is virtually impossible to scale, we’ve made a conscious choice to focus on serving a relatively small number of customers really, really well, with hands-on training and call-me-at-home support.

There are a ton of software solutions out there to choose from, and most of them are pretty good at what they do. But Captina is unique in its ability to let you wrap your arms around your whole business.

Please contact us to see if Captina makes sense for you.

Ridgely Evers