Make your business better.

Imagine managing sales, marketing, customer relationships, inventory, fulfillment, and more with a single, efficient system.

That’s Captina!

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Simple. Connected.

  • Retail • Clubs • Wholesale
  • Webstore + tasting room/POS
  • Integrated outbound marketing
  • Shipping and fulfillment

Your business in one system


Does everyone in your business have access to the accurate information they need, and now?

If not, there’s bound to be bad information, miscommunication, and confusion. All of which is bad for business.

That’s why we created Captina: a single, integrated system that ties together your whole business and everyone in it.

And so easy to use that everyone will actually use it!

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Captina is for…

Smaller wineries. Because we’re passionate about artisan producers.

So we’ve optimized Captina for hands-on wineries who don’t have a Vice President of Anything, and we emphasize systems that help you sell direct.

Sound like who you are — or want to become?

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Why we get this

Our founder is the guy behind the creation of QuickBooks®. So he knows business software.

gear_treeIn parallel with his tech career, he also founded DaVero Farms & Winery, a successful artisan producer in Sonoma County.

He created Captina to run his business. And yours.

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